Best Selling Liquid Multivitamin on Amazon: Go Healthy Natural.

Best Selling Liquid Multivitamin on Amazon: Go Healthy Natural.

Best Selling Multivitamin on Amazon

Amazon and Go Healthy Natural, a leader in Daily Dose size liquid multivitamins, have partnered up to launch Go Healthy Natural's 'Antioxidant Boost' Liquid Multivitamin being sold on with fulfillment by Amazon.

Go Healthy Natural Liquid Multivitamins are positioned to be one of Amazon's best selling 'daily dose' liquid multivitamins in 2016. Go Healthy Natural’s two ounce “Daily Dose” Multivitamins combine the fast absorption benefits of a liquid vitamin, the convenience of a 2 ounce single serve bottle and an amazing superfruit blend.

Our “Daily Dose” liquid Multivitamins are a delicious, small batch, handcrafted two flowing ounces of bioavailable liquid vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, prebiotics + 8 Super fruits blended together to give you the ultimate antioxidant boost!

Why Liquid?  Many health and wellness experts agree that the most bioavailable multivitamins are found in the liquid form. Bioavailable means the percent of active ingredients that actually reaches the bloodstream.  Liquid multivitamins have a 98% absorption rate compared to pill and tablet forms, which have an approximate 20% absorption rate. What that means is with pills and tablets, your body is not getting the full nutritional benefit.

So, if you want a multivitamin that is made in the USA with Real Fruit & Plant Based Natural Ingredients, 100% vegetarian, Non-GMO and Gluten Free without artificial colors or flavors, then go to or and place your order.

100% guarantee that you will love our daily dose size multivitamins and now FREE SHIPPING, delivered by Amazon !

100% Vegetarian, Non-GMO,.

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