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 Go Healthy was founded by Greg O'Neill, our current CEO, in 2015. As with most great ideas, it all started with a problem.

Having suffered with allergies since childhood, He found himself struggling to find an allergy friendly and highly absorbable nutritional supplement. So, in early 2015, He set out to create a delicious and healthier liquid multivitamin that everyone could enjoy taking every day. 

 Why a Vitamin and Mineral Supplement?  Most of our daily diet and lifestyle choices are not conducive to a long and healthy life. Furthermore, the majority of our food supply is over processed and contaminated, leading to a depleted nutrient content.

While we firmly believe that farm to table, raw organic fruits and vegetables are the key to optimum health and well-being, we understand that one of the challenges of today's busy lifestyle is not only finding the time to shop for healthy foods but to prepare them. That is why we feel that the need for vitamin and mineral supplements is greater today than ever before.  

Why Vitamins in the Liquid and Gummy Forms?

Many health and wellness experts agree that the most bio-available multivitamins are found in the liquid and chewable gummy forms. Bio-available means the percent of active ingredients that actually reaches the bloodstream.  Liquid and gummy multivitamins have an approximate 95% absorption rate compared to pill and tablet forms, which have an approximate 20% absorption rate. What that means is with pills and tablets, your body is not getting the full nutritional benefit.                                                                                                        

Why Choose Go Healthy?

Our company is compliant with cGMP and FDA practices on the production of our nutraceuticals to ensure safety and efficacy of our products. The compliant manufacturing standards result in the production of high-quality dietary supplements.
Our vegetarian (some vegan) suitable ingredients give you and your family a healthier nutritional supplement choice. While we can't guarantee that all of our products are 100% natural, we strive to include plant-based vegetarian ingredients wherever possible. Some vitamin supplements contain bad things like: benzoates, gelatin, GMOs, gluten, magnesium stearate, sulfites, sulfates, sugar alcohols, as well as artificial colors and flavors. Go Healthy products do not contain any of these.

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Best of Health,

Go Healthy Natural
Greg O’Neill
Family owned & operated since 2015.
Go Healthy
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