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We are a family-owned, and an Amazon approved brand. Our plant based and allergy-friendly ingredients give you and your family a healthy wellness supplement choice. We offer organic, vegan, vegetarian, Kosher, Halal, tablet, liquid and gummy options. Welcome to your healthy journey! Best of health, - Greg

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How to Heal with Sound? Invisible Medicine

Go Healthy News Healing Music

One of the most promising forms of medicine is all around us: sound. Insights into the healing power of music and sound can be traced all the way back to Ancient Greece. New research and technologies show us how sound healing can help us thrive in the anxiety-ridden 2020’s. 


Heart disease, diabetes, addiction, and mental health issues have all been linked to stress and tension1. Meditation practices have been shown to alleviate anxiety and improve well-being. But most forms of meditation require time and discipline to achieve these effects. ~ Zach O'Neill

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Apr 03, 2022

Vegan DHA Omega-3 for Kids: 3 Things to Look for When Buying.  

Kids Vegan DHA Omega-3 Algae Oil

When choosing a vegan DHA omega-3 algae oil for children there are three major things to consider: Product, Extraction Method and Third-party Laboratory Testing.

  1. Product: Vegan DHA Omega-3 Oil helps support children's Brain (memory, focus and attention), Heart (blood pressure, triglyceride & HDL level), Joint, Skin and Eye Health.  There are so many choices out there, the decision can be very overwhelming. Look for an organically grown, sustainably sourced Chromista Algae Oil which is handcrafted in enclosed culture tanks preferably in the USA. (Click date below to read full article.)
Jan 27, 2022

Go Healthy Natural is launching a new Kids Liquid Vitamin D3 + K2 supplement.

Kids Vitamin D3 K2 Drops

Go Healthy Natural, a leader in plant-sourced, allergy friendly probiotics, liquid and gummy vitamins, is launching a new Kids Liquid Vitamin D3 + K2 Drops. Go Healthy Natural  vegan D3 + K2 Drops will be available on Amazon.com, GoHealthyNatural.com and select retailers. 

Here are 5 reasons why Go Healthy Natural Kids D3 + K2 is the best way to help support your child’s overall well-being.

  • Kids Liquid D3 K2 HELPS SUPPORT - Kids Immune health, calcium absorption and strong teeth & bones   (Click date below to read full article.)
Dec 11, 2020
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