Probiotics: Are You Listening to Your Gut?


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It seems these days that we are hearing a lot about probiotics. But what are they and why are they important to our wellbeing?  The Mayo clinic defines probiotics as “good bacteria that are either the same as or very similar to the bacteria that are already in your body.”

What you may not realize is that the proper balance of good bacteria and bad bacteria in your gut is essential to your immune and digestive health. Although certain foods such as yogurt, kefir, and fermented vegetables may have some good bacteria in them, you are likely not getting an adequate amount of these foods in your diet. Supplementing your diet with a daily probiotic can help you maintain a good balance of good bacteria to support your digestive and immune health.

While there are many pill forms available, your body usually absorbs only about 20% of probiotics in pill form. A liquid probiotic is living plant and soil-based probiotics and enzymes that are wild raised and collected in liquid form which is tasteless and easy to take. They are formulated with stomach acid and bile resistant, clinically proven strains with no refrigeration necessary.  Most importantly, liquid probiotics have an approximately 98% absorption rate.

Go Healthy Natural liquid probiotics in particular, are allergy friendly: no animal derivatives, yeast, dairy, maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, soy, sugar, wheat, gluten, eggs, salt, artificial flavors or preservatives. Our Premium USDA certified Organic Liquid Probiotic is a vegan friendly product with all natural and safe ingredients that gently crowds out the bad bacteria and helps the good bacteria thrive. The liquid probiotic helps improve digestion and absorption, relieves urinary tract infections, yeast infections, and acne. Unlike other probiotic products, which are treated with heat and chemicals, diminishing their efficacy, our Probiotics are always in their RAW state, increasing shelf stability and ensuring maximum potency when ingested. Our product has a similar taste to water with a subtle earthy tone. It is handcrafted in small batches and slow poured into UV protective cobalt glass bottles in our cGMP compliant facility. Unlike solid probiotics, Go Healthy Natural probiotics are always in their raw state, ensuring maximum potency.

Go Healthy Natural customers have shared that they have tried various different probiotic pills over the years, never seeing a difference, however, the Go Healthy Natural liquid probiotic with its higher absorption rate has greatly improved their digestive and immune health. They also claim that our brand always exceeds their expectations and they would recommend this product to anyone who has stomach issues or would like to improve their overall health. Give this product a try and enjoy your improved happy and healthy lifestyle! 

by: Marj O'Neill  

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Tips For Losing Those Holiday Pounds and Detoxing Your Body.

Healthy Living

As many of our Go Healthy Natural community members are setting new health goals for 2018, they are asking us about tips for losing those holiday pounds.

We firmly believe that farm to table, raw organic fruits and vegetables are the key to optimum health and well-being. Try not to focus on losing weight, but rather eating better quality raw fruits, vegetables and lean protein. Eat your biggest meal early in the day and your smallest meal at dinner time. How you shop will determine how healthy you will become. Remember, It's a lifestyle change, not a diet.

We believe the 3 Keys to great health are:

What foods you eat, how you digest your food and how you eliminate your food. Go Healthy Natural Supplements support all 3 keys.

Let's start with our Liquid Multivitamin with Minerals' premium ingredients:

 Bromelain (Pineapple) is used for reducing swelling (inflammation) and helping the body get rid of fat.   

Curcumin, a substance in turmeric, may help to reduce inflammation. 

Prebiotics: Another benefit of this short-chain structure is that it tends to reduce gas and bloating thanks to its accelerated break down. A diet rich in prebiotics, both from natural sources or supplements, can help balance digestion, absorption, and immune health.

Probiotics: Gas, bloating, constipation and diarrhea are all common signs that your gut microbiome (balance between good bacteria vs. bad bacteria) may be out of balance. Probiotics help reduce bloating, gas and constipation.

Magnesium (Magnesium Citrate – Red Algae) Supports Detoxifying: Rich in chlorophyll (the pigment that makes some seaweeds green) which is a powerful, natural detoxifyer which may help to draw out waste products from the body. 

Vegetarian Digestive Enzyme Blend: Digestive enzymes break down food particles for energy. AmylaseCarbohydrate digestion, ProteaseProtein digestion, Lipase:    Fat digestion, CellulaseFiber digestion, LactaseLactose (milk sugar) digestion.


Manganese (Glycinate Chelate) Supports: Healthy immune system, protein and fat metabolism, healthy nerves, and blood sugar regulation. 

Choline  Supports: hormone production, fat and cholesterol metabolism. 

Inositol  Supports: formation of lecithin and the metabolism of fat and cholesterol. May help reduce cholesterol levels.  

Biotin  -Supports: fatty acid production; in the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins; and in the utilization of the other B vitamins. 

Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin) Supports: digestion, absorption of foods, and the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. 

Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) Supports: carbohydrate metabolism, Energy, growth and proper digestion. 

Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) Supports: the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 

Vitamin B3 (Niacinamide) Supports: the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins; and in the production of hydrochloric acid for the digestive system. 

 Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic Acid) Supports: vitamin utilization and helps to convert fats, carbohydrates and proteins into energy. 

StrawberriesSupport: “purifying the blood,” stimulating metabolism, and supporting “natural weight loss.”

Selenium (Chelate) Supports: a significant role in regulating the effects of thyroid hormone on fat metabolism.

Next time we'll focus on the exercise and working out part of the equation.

You will shed those holiday pounds and detoxify your body. You will not focus on losing weight, but rather eating better quality raw fruits, vegetables and lean protein. You're making a lifestyle change, not going on a diet.

Happy and Healthy New Year to You and Your Family!

Greg, Mary, Gregor, Zach, Marj and Brendan




Why Are Some Probiotics Better Than Others?

Daily Probiotic

Since the release of our newest supplement, Go Healthy Natural's Premium Probiotic, many of our customers are wondering why our probiotics are better than others. Great question! Here is a list of 7 questions you should consider before you purchase probiotics:

1. Strains - How many and which strains are used in the blend? Make sure they contain safe and clinically proven strains. Choose multiple strains that are already prevalent in your digestive tract: Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium lactis, Bifidobacterium bifidum, Bifidobacterium longum, are some that are recommended.                     

2. How many Billions of Colony Forming Units (CFUs) of probiotics are in the supplement? Many Healthcare Professionals recommend 1 - 10 Billion CFUs each day. Look for delayed or targeted release probiotics to make sure they make it through the stomach bile and acid.

3. Is the probiotic allergy friendly and why that matters? Beware, there are many probiotics which contain unhealthy ingredients and allergens. Shop for probiotics which contain NO Yeast, Maltodextrin, Gluten, Magnesium Stearate, Soy, Wheat, Eggs, Sugar, Salt, Animal Derivatives, Artificial Flavors or Preservatives. Look for 100% Vegetarian - Vegetable Capsules.

4. Is it formulated using acid and bile resistant strains? Many probiotics contain strains which never reach your digestive tract in an active state. They never make it through the stomach bile and acid.

5. Are they using delayed or targeted release veggie capsules?  This helps protect probiotics from stomach acid, safely delivering them to the intestines for maximum product benefit.

6. Does the probiotic formula include prebiotics?  The goal is to keep the good bacteria in an inactive state until it reaches your intestines. Probiotics become activated when they come into contact with moisture and oxygen. If that occurs, they need food (prebiotics) in order to stay active. Look for a prebiotic with a combination of Sunfiber® & FOS which enhances probiotic efficacy.

7.  Are the probiotics shelf stable? If you purchase a probiotic which is not formulated to be shelf stable, be aware that unless they have been refrigerated throughout the complete shipping cycle, many if not all may be inactive and should not be ingested. Shop for a moisture controlling bottle and oxygen removal system which delivers additional product stability to packaged probiotics.

So, next time you shop for probiotics, don't be fooled by the hype of huge numbers (CFUs & Strains). instead, read the other ingredients, check for the type of strains and make sure they are shelf stable. Listen to your gut! 

Why Vegetable Capsule Probiotics Instead of Liquid Probiotics?

Probiotics For Women

Since the release of our newest product, Premium Probiotic, many of our customers are wondering why our probiotics are not liquid. Great question!

Go Healthy Natural's Daily Dose Multivitamin comes in the liquid form to ensure instant absorption in your digestive system. Our Premium Probiotic, however, are targeted release vegetable capsules which help promote digestive, vaginal and immune health. The innovative benefit of the delayed release veggie capsule helps protect probiotics from stomach acid, safely delivering them to the intestines for maximum product benefit.

We formulated it with acid and bile resistant strains, prebiotics, yeast-free, Non-GMO,gluten-free and kosher ingredients. Go Healthy Natural's Daily Probiotic has 12 billion CFUs per vegetable capsule and come in bottles of 60 daily servings. Many healthcare professionals recommend taking 1–10 billion CFUs per day as a supplement to your diet.

Probiotics are sensitive to moisture and oxygen. Our moisture controlling bottle and oxygen removal system delivers additional product stability to our packaged probiotics. Our unique prebiotic combination of Sunfiber® & FOS enhances probiotic efficacy. 


So, your liquid multivitamin is targeted for instant absorption in your stomach, whereas our specially formulated vegetable probiotics are targeted for delayed absorption in the intestines. Remember, it is not the amount of CFUs that you ingest, but the amount that actually safely gets to your intestines. Also, more strains are not always better. We formulated it with clinically proven acid and bile resistant strains. Please give our allergy friendly, targeted release, vegetable capsules a try! Sla'inte "to your health".

Go Healthy Natural Launches Line of Premium Probiotics on and

The allergy friendly 100% vegetarian, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Yeast Free, Kosher, premium probiotic helps promote digestive, vaginal and immune health.

Online PR News – 20-June-2016 – Birchrunville, PA – Go Healthy Natural, a leader in liquid daily dose multivitamins, has announced the launch of their new line of premium probiotics. They will be sold in shelf stable, moisture resistant, oxygen absorbing, desiccant bottles with free shipping and be featured on and

Amazon Probiotic

Our formulation team set out to make an allergy friendly, targeted release, vegetable capsule with a proprietary blend of clinically proven strains

"We formulated it with acid and bile resistant strains, prebiotics, yeast-free, Non-GMO,gluten-free and kosher ingredients." Go Healthy Natural's Daily Probiotic has 12 billion CFUs per vegetable capsule and come in bottles of 60 daily servings. Many healthcare professionals recommend taking 1–10 billion CFUs per day as a supplement to your diet.

The Premium Probiotic targeted release capsules ensure that the optimum active probiotics reach your digestive system. Go Healthy Natural Premium Probiotic is handcrafted in a cGMP certified facility (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) with regulations enforced by the US Food and Drug Administration. All of their vitamins and supplements are made in the USA.

Go Healthy Natural's small batch, handcrafted list of ingredients can be found at Contact Information Greg O'Neill 1405 Hollow Road Birchrunville, PA 19421, 800-716-0078.

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