Go Healthy Natural's 'Fruits & Greens' Liquid Multivitamin Named Amazon's Choice.

Amazon's Best Selling Liquid Multivitamin

Amazon's Choice Liquid Multivitamin 

Amazon's Choice Multivitamin "Love the vitamins ! Great taste ! Feeling a burst of energy . I have been searching for a while now , many of the liquid vitamins are very overpriced and taste horrible . I have a sensitive stomach and an autoimmune disorder. I can say I'm feeling more alive. Definitely, will reorder again." ~ Nicole M.

"My new favorite vitamin! I have issues with swallowing pills and with stomach upset with so many vitamins. This is the first vitamin that solves both of those problems." ~ Lisa G. 

"This liquid vitamin tastes fantastic. I actually look forward to taking it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a liquid vitamin." ~ Amazon Customer

  •  Allergy Friendly, Fruit & Plant Based, 100% Vegetarian, 100% Organic Lemon Peel as Folate, Benzoate Free, Sulfite Free, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Nut Free, No artificial Colors, Flavors or Preservatives   
  • Bursting with Vitamins, Minerals, Prebiotics, Fiber & 40+ Real Fruits & Vegetables. *Supports Immune, Digestive, Heart & Brain Health
  • Infused with Green Tea, Turmeric (Curcumin), Biotin, D3, Quercetin, Cranberry, Acai, Kale, Blueberry, Green Papaya, Peach, Mango
  • Contains Aquamin® , a unique 100% Seaweed-Based Multi-mineral Complex, providing natural bio-active Calcium, Magnesium and 72 other trace marine minerals
  • Taste Great, Easy to Swallow with Fast Absorption Benefits of a Food-Based Liquid Vitamin. Great as a Liquid Prenatal Multivitamin with organic folate
  • Ultimate Energy & Antioxidant Boost! NSF & cGMP Certified. Made in USA

Our natural supplements are priced from $14.99-$29.99, making them a great value for your family. We offer you a 30 day 100% money- back guarantee + Free shipping over $30.

All of our premium vitamins and supplements are hand crafted in small batches. Go Healthy Natural vitamins and supplements are proudly made in our allergy friendly and certified GMP facilities. Go Healthy Natural is a family owned company specializing in Fruit & Plant-based supplements which help support your overall health and well-being.

Healthier & allergy friendly ingredients = healthier & allergy friendly nutritional supplements. 

So now that you know why Go Healthy Natural is a better nutritional supplement for your family; the choice is really up to you. 



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