on August 15, 2017
July 28, 2017
 Darlene T.  07/11/17
 "Love the vitamins ! Great taste ! Feeling a burst of      energy . I have been searching for a while now , many of the liquid vitamins are very overpriced and taste horrible . I have a sensitive stomach and an autoimmune disorder. I can say I'm feeling more alive. Definitely, will reorder again." Nicole M.

"My new favorite vitamin! I have issues with swallowing pills and with stomach upset with so many vitamins. This is the first vitamin that solves both of those problems." Lisa G.

"This liquid vitamin tastes fantastic. I actually look forward to taking it. I definitely recommend it to anyone who's looking for a liquid vitamin."Amazon customer                                      
Energy Booster
Go Healthy Natural Liquid Vitamins are great tasting, convenient to take & much easier to swallow than pills. I've definitely noticed a boost in my energy level. I would highly recommend this product! 01/18/16
This vitamin has a great
This vitamin has a great taste. The vitamin is convenient for those of us who are always on the go, because you can take it with and take it when it's convenient for you. The thing that I love the most about this product, is that Mr. O'Neill stands 100% behind his product. Enjoy! ~ - 06/10/16

Great Probiotic!
I have been taking Go Healthy Natural Probiotic for about three weeks now and I definitely feel a difference. I've taken other probiotics in the past and none have helped me as much as Go Healthy. I definitely feel less bloated and just have more energy overall. ~ Eileen H. Verified Reviewer - 07/18/16

These vitamins are great because of the convenience of the packaging and the flavor is good. I noticed a difference in my energy level. I love the fact that it has probiotics in it. I plan on taking these vitamins for ever. I think if you get a chance you should try them. ~ Maria S. Verified Buyer - 01/07/16
Wonderful product!
I really love this product. This product has a great taste and convenient size. But most of all, 90% absorption. After having Gastric sleeve surgery, this is the only product I could find to get the most supplements nutrition in one product.
- 04/13/16
My favorite thing about this product is its great taste and convenient size. Most liquid vitamins are hard to swallow, but the natural fruity flavor makes it actually enjoyable to drink. The small size is perfect to keep in my purse or my carry on while traveling, which I love! ~ Nicole Bocco Verified Reviewer - 02/18/16
I feel better
I can honestly say that I feel better and have more energy after trying this wonderful product. Do yourself a favor and give it a try. You have only one life to live, so live it healthy!! ~ John M. Verified Reviewer -   01/22/16                                
Peach Mango
Taste great! Wish it comes in the small bottle like the other one.
 ~ Verified Buyer - 10/07/16
Great Taste More Energy
After taking this product for a couple weeks now, my energy level has increased drastically. My days of just sitting around and feeling sluggish are gone! My body hasn't experienced that crash you would get with those energy drinks sold on the market today. Go Healthy Natural Liquid Vitamin has a great taste and is very convenient to have. Take one bottle in the morning and the rest of the day is for you to enjoy. I would highly recommend this product to anyone with a busy lifestyle looking to boost their energy level. 
The Mango Liquid Vitamin:
Taste great and taste like real mangos or mango juice Thank you and I hope in the future you might have an affiliate business. PS sent a friend to your website, Christina, and might have more coming because they deal with health issues as I do. ~ Jennifer M. Verified Buyer - 09/19/16
Great package & more energy
I've been taking these vitamins for about a week now & I can feel the difference. I have more energy & love the on the go packaging so I can just grab one & go in the morning. ~ Val  Verified Reviewer 01/16/16
Great taste
I love this multivitamin! In addition to higher energy levels, within just days I noticed a real difference in my skin! Must be all those antioxidants hard at work! I would definitely recommend this product. ~ Leigh K. Verified Reviewer 01/16/16
Great taste in a convenient package!
The first thing that impressed me about this product was the sugar content - very low at 9 g per container. The next thing was how good this product tastes. I've tried other products that left an unpleasant after-taste behind. That's not the case here. Go Healthy Natural has covered all the bases regarding vitamins & minerals, and " I certainly feel it" if I miss a day. I also appreciate the convenient bottles that are easy to carry during the day. I recently noticed my supply was dwindling faster than usual, and realized that my kids have discovered the product. They take it everyday now as well. 01/13/16
Very Good Vitamins & No After Taste!
I usually take gummy vitamins because I don’t like the taste that pills leave behind.
I actually like the taste of these & the best part is there is no after taste.
I also feel like I have more energy. ~ Andy E. Verified Reviewer - 01/12/16
Excellent Multivitamin
Go Healthy Natural Liquid multivitamin gives me the energy I need everyday, and has the satisfying taste of fruit juice, but more nutritional value. I am very pleased with this product and its to-go containers, and I would highly recommend this multivitamin for everyday use for anyone with a busy lifestyle.
 ~ Emily T. Verified Reviewer - 01/08/16
I've always hated taking big multi-vitamins in the past - Go Healthy was so much easier to take! I keep my containers right in the refrigerator - so it feels like your drinking a tasty little juice container! I really like the natural ingredients and I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a new, better approach to a multi-vitamin. 
Great Liquid Multivitamin
Tried this product for the first time and noticed a difference in my energy level after about a week. I especially liked the taste and the easy single dose packaging which is convenient for busy lifestyles. Would definitely recommend this product.
Every multivitamin "drink" I have tried before was a syrupy mess full of sugar and artificial flavors. I was so happy to discover Go Healthy because of the all natural ingredients. I will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Thanks for a great product! ~ Justin W. Verified Reviewer - 12/31/15
Excellent multivitamin
Excellent comprehensive liquid vitamin. Great taste and easy to pack if you need take it on the go. ~ John A. Verified Reviewer - 12/30/15
Great taste for a multivitamin
I tried go healthy because I was tired of the grainy, metallic taste of my old liquid vitamins. These taste much more natural, like fruit juice! definitely recommend
I have always struggled taking multi vitamins. The pills are so hard to swallow . I have tried other liquid vitamins but they don't taste very good and I can't take them to work or when I travel. Go Healthy not only tastes good but it's convenient. I keep a box in my fridge and my whole family loves it!
~ Eileen H. Verified Reviewer - 12/11/15

great multivitamin
I have difficulty swallowing pills so I started using gummy vitamins. When I later got braces as an adult I couldn't use gummies anymore. I researched liquid multivitamins and found this brand. It's tasty and easy to take anywhere. I might not ever go back to gummy vitamins. ~ Jess C. Verified Reviewer - 08/26/16

Love the taste
This is a great way to get your vitamins; they taste great. They are a little spendy for 24 servings. They are a great blend of vitamins, probiotics and enzymes.
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